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Liege Religious Treasures

Liege was once renowned as being paradise for priests and hell for women. This is due to the strong religious history and past role of the principality, once ruled by Princes-Bishops.

There are many reminiscences of this powerful past, and the high concentration of churches, abbeys, monastries and covent around the city has been part of her permanent features for centuries.

Liege once also boasted the biggest cathedral in the world, the St-Lambert Cathedral, which was completely destroyed by Liege's own people who fiercely embraced the cause of the French Revolution and rebelled against their Catholic ruler.

Today, the main attractions related to religious heritage in Liège are:

The treasure of the Cathedral at the Cathedral St-Paul.

The Baptismal Font of the St Barthelemy Church: Saint-Barthelemy Collegiate was founded between 1010 and 1015 outside the city walls. This collegiate characteristical of the Rheno-Mosan architecture was built from coal measure sandstones during the last decades of the twelfth century.

In the 18th century the church’s interior was redecorated in the baroque style and still boasts today some fine baroque furniture. The church’s exterior was restored in original style a few years ago.

Inside the church one can admire a superb Romanesque font for baptisms sculpted in brass and dating back to the 12th Century. The sides of the font depict scenes of John the Baptist baptising the neophytes. The baptismal font is a masterpiece of Mosan art and is regarded as one of the seven marvels of Belgium.

The Baroque Ceilings and Organs at the St-Jacques Collegiate Church.

The Romanesque Cloister at the St-Denis Church. 

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