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Laid Back Namur

Just 2 hours from Calais and 40 mns by train from Brussels, Namur is the capital of southern Belgium and the Gateway to the breathtaking Ardennes. This picturesque medieval town with cosy squares and streets lines with big mansions, chic shops and popular cafés has excellent hotels and an impressive choice of restaurants. The centre of the town is well known for its welcoming shops, particularly in the rue de Fer and the rue de l'Ange which are the most frequented streets of Belgium after Brussels' rue Neuve.

The symbol of Namur is the snail and locals like to take things slow and enjoy the time to sip a drink at the many cafes if the Place du Marché aux Légumes, the Place Chanoine Deschamps and the Place de l'Ange. The local cuisine can be sampled at many of the town's gastronomic restaurants, including at Chocolat-Thé Galler, where a special chocolate menu will satisfy all your chocolate cravings.

Namur is also a land of history, and castles abound in the vicinity. Driving through any of the region’s valleys you will come across ruins of medieval castles, 16th and17th century châteaux and imposing citadels. The Gardens of the Château d'Annevoie are a five minute car journey along the River Meuse. Constructed in 1758, the gardens, which temper the formal symmetry of French style with the English taste for the picturesque, feature over twenty ornamental ponds and lakes with water jets and waterfalls and are considered by some as the best gardens in Europe.

One of the best ways to enjoy the scenery around Namur, which lies on the banks of the rivers Sambre and Meuse, is to take a river trip between Namur and Givet, passing chateaux, rock cliffs, and the picturesque town of Dinant with its ancient citadel.

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