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The Belfry of Thuin

Listed as a world heritage by UNESCO, the belfry of Thuin opened its doors on the 11th of May 2004 and offers a light and sound show for the occasion. Perfectly renovated with modern stage design technology, it drags you unconsciously to its summit for a splendid view over the town and the valleys of the Samber and the Biesmelle rivers. No guided visit, but there is a descriptive leaflet and audio-guide in English .

Office du Tourisme de Thuin asbl Place du Chapitre (Ville-Haute) 6530 THUIN Tel.: ++32(0)71/59.54.54 Fax: ++32(0)71/59.69.43 E-mail: thuin@office-tourisme.org Website: www.thuin.be

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