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WW1 2014 Remembrance

14 February - 26 april 15: Expo 14-18, it's our history!

The aspects of a conflict that left Europe completely bloodied and weakened have been revisited through a wider lens giving every actor of this drama his place. The war and daily life in occupied Belgium constitutes an important part of the exhibition, but the public will also rediscover the mobilisation of the European countries that attempted to liberate Belgium, which had become a key element of the conflict.

Location: BRUSSELS http://www.expo14-18.be/

Military cemeteries and graves patronage in Plugstreet

Plugstreet Memorial to the Missing :

Military cemeteries where close to 6000 fallen British soldiers who lost their lives during the Great War.


Plugstreet 14-18 Experience, the First World War Interpretation Centre :

World War I Interpretation Centre. There are 20 cemeteries there, immaculately maintained by the Imperial War graves Commission.



All year round: Liège Inter-Allied monument

As the first city to have effectively opposed the invaders in 1914, Liège was chosen in 1925 by the International Federation of Allied Ex-Servicemen to erect an inter-Allied monument. The civil memorial contains several monuments offered to Liège by the allied Nations. This monuments are located outdoors. (On the esplanade) or inside the tower (in its crypt and in its low and high rooms).


All year round: The territories of the Memory in Liège

The "Symbolical trail" relates step by stem the infernal route of the deportees to the Nazi concentration and extermination camps. The visit takes 50 minutes and is completed with a film. To keep the memories alive, the association leads the campaign Le Triangle Rouge.

All year round: Plugstreet 14-18 Experience, World War I Interpretation Centre

The First World War Interpretation Centre open its doors close to the British Memorial in Ploegsteert on 9 November 2013. Focusing on the life of the soldiers and civilians, you enter by a glass pyramid. Its semi-underground construction in the heart of the Ploegsteert woods evokes the catacombs that are inaccessible today. The museum route A 400m² high-tech scenography space presents a detailed view of the British and German positions at Comines-Warneton between 1914 and 1918.

Location: PLOEGSTEERT. http://www.plugstreet1418.be/

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