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Remembrance Arlon 1914-1918 (1 May -5 October 2014)

From the first May to the 5th October 2014 in Arlon, you can visit an exhibition dealing with the occupation of the southern part  of the province of Luxembourg during the First World War. 

This exhibition will take place in the gaspar Musuem and will focus on the daily lives of the inhabitants of the Luxembourg province during the Great War. 

The people who lived in Arlon and in the smallest villages of the province faced a very strict occupation regime during the war: for instance, they were obliged to host their enemies in their homes.

The exhibiton recounts some of the difficulties which were encountered by the inhabitants on a daily basis, among them, the relationship they had with the enemies, their links to the front or the resistance which was organized by a small part of the population. 

Location: ARLON. www.ial.be

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